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Need a good way to manage traffic? Concrete road barriers are more commonly known as Jersey barriers, which are used to separate lanes all over the world. Over the years, the design of these important concrete barriers has evolved. When it was found that cars colliding with a Jersey concrete block barrier, also called K-Rail barriers, at high speeds would tend to flip over because of the slanted base, the design was updated to create today’s safer concrete barrier. The great advantage of concrete barriers is that they are ideal for temporary works, as their cast-in anchors or forklift notches make them easy to pick up and transport to the next project.

Modular mold for concrete block barricades

The Betonblock® barrier mold is a modular mold for cast concrete barricades and barriers that are used to separate lanes. The concrete block barriers fit together perfectly and feature specially designed guides to safely channel traffic. Barriers are also used for roadblocks and diversions, as well as to protect pedestrians and road workers during the construction of (new) roads or roadworks. The barrier molds from Betonblock® are a quick and easy way to produce concrete barriers or K-Rail barriers. Important! The concrete barriers are only suitable for roads in built-up areas or with a speed limit of 30 mph.

What types of concrete barrier molds do you sell?

Betonblock® has several types of Jersey barrier block forms. Since smaller concrete barriers provide more flexibility in bends, Betonblock® also has barriers with a partition, which makes it possible to cast two concrete barriers at the same time. The partition is also sold separately. To create linkable Jersey barriers from concrete, simply insert cast-in connectors into the mold prior to casting.

What Jersey barrier mold accessories do you have?

The cast-in connectors are sold separately by Betonblock®, along with a special filling aid with sloping walls for easy casting. Molds come with forklift notch inserts to make it easier to move and transport the concrete barriers, but you can also choose to use cast-in anchors. Click here for instructions on inserting a cast-in anchor into a concrete block mold, which works the same as a barrier mold.

What are the advantages of Betonblock® barrier molds?

Betonblock® concrete Jersey barrier molds are made of high-quality steel. The molds are built to last and will continue to deliver for at least 10 years. The Betonblock® molds feature a unique closure that ensures that the molds are easy to use and do not warp, The result: perfectly aligned, identical barriers.

In addition to concrete barrier molds, Betonblock® also carries the following molds:

●       Concrete block molds
●       Concrete slab molds
●       Tetrapod molds

Produce safety solutions with molds

Apart from Jersey barriers used to manage traffic and keep people safe, Betonblock® also carriers special tetrapod molds. Concrete tetrapods are used as breakwaters all over the world. Retaining walls are also widely used as flood defences, while concrete blocks are used for a wide variety of safety and security solutions, such as collision protection and site fencing.


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