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Everything you need for producing concrete blocks

Betonblock® is your one-stop shop for everything your concrete plant needs. In our range, you will not only find concrete block molds but also an extensive selection of everything you need to produce high-quality concrete blocks. From an advanced pouring table to a refined finishing beam, our range is complete and carefully compiled to meet all your concrete production needs.

In our range, you will find the following accessories:

  • Concrete mixing bucket;
  • Concrete pouring table;
  • Release agent;
  • Oil pump;
  • Vibrating poker;
  • Finishing beam;
  • High-pressure cleaner.

Concrete mixing bucket
The concrete mixing bucket in our range is the ideal starting point for producing concrete in a practical way. You can produce the concrete mix easily and quickly - it only takes a few minutes. Our concrete mixing bucket has a capacity of six hundred liters and weighs 2,180 kilograms when the bucket is full.

Concrete pouring table
When you pour concrete, you do it on a smooth surface. But not every construction site has a flat ground. That's why you need a concrete pouring table. Our pouring table is ideal for pouring concrete blocks and traffic barriers thanks to the adjustable legs.

Release agent
The release agent in our range ensures that the concrete does not stick to your concrete mold while it hardens. One liter of our release agent covers thirty to fifty square meters. A twenty-liter jerry can of release agent is therefore enough to cover at least 600 m². With a twenty-liter jerry can, you can cover 150 to 200 molds with oil.

Oil pump
To apply the release agent to your concrete mold, you need an oil pump. Our extra-robust oil pump has a capacity of twenty-four liters. You can easily treat multiple molds with it, without having to pump manually. The convenient wheels at the bottom of the pump mean you do not need lifting equipment to move the pump.

Vibrating poker
Our vibrating poker is a handy machine of about six kilograms that you use to compact your concrete after pouring it into the mold. The specially designed 230/115V single-phase motor drives a flexible shaft with only 4,000 rpm. However, the vibrating poker produces 12,000 vibrations per minute due to the pendulum vibration system. This ensures perfect concrete compaction.

Finishing beam
With a finishing beam, you can smooth the top of your poured concrete in one go. Our finishing beam is made of high-quality aluminum (not plastic) with a long lifespan and is one hundred centimeters long.

High-pressure cleaner
Our mobile high-pressure cleaner is perfect for cleaning concrete blocks or related products. The high-pressure cleaner runs on a gasoline engine and is independent of power or water connections. Therefore, you can use the cleaner anywhere. Fill the water tank with a thousand liters of water and transport the high-pressure cleaner on a trailer to the desired location on the construction site or concrete plant.

Why buy all your products from Betonblock®?

✔ All our products are in stock as standard;
✔ We offer the best price-quality ratio;
✔ Worldwide delivery, from Europe to the USA;
✔ We have been the market leader in steel concrete molds for over 15 years;
✔ Reliable partner according to more than 7,500 loyal customers.

The extensive Betonblock® range

Are you looking for a unique, extensive range with the best price-quality ratio on the market? At Betonblock®, you will find what you need. Whether your concrete plant is located in the Netherlands, elsewhere in Europe, or even in the United States, you can order your concrete molds and all accessories from us and have them delivered to your location. Our molds, partitions, and top plates are made of high-quality S355 construction steel and therefore have a long lifespan. The concrete molds in our range last up to ten years, even with intensive daily use.

Order custom products from Betonblock®

Do you want to order concrete molds, accessories, or other products in colors, shapes, and sizes that you do not find in our range? Then you can contact us. There are endless possibilities for custom-made products. Therefore, send all your questions, ideas, and/or designs to We are happy to provide you with expert custom advice.

More information about concrete production accessories

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