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Transport and move concrete blocks with the handling equipment from Betonblock®

To move concrete blocks, you can use lifting equipment. But if you want more control over the blocks, handling equipment is what you need. Our handling equipment perfectly matches the concrete blocks you produce with our concrete molds. You can also order spare rubbers from us. Over 7,500 loyal customers from different countries around the world have preceded you.

What are the benefits of our handling equipment?

  • Lifting capacity of 3,000 kilograms;
  • Control over the concrete blocks you move;
  • Pressure of 180 bar.

In our range, you will find:

Rotator clamp

The R1900 rotator clamp is designed as an additional accessory for your forklift. You can use it to clamp, rotate, transport, and move your concrete blocks to the right place on your site. Since the clamp rotates hydraulically, you can easily maneuver the concrete blocks into the correct position. Hydraulic systems use fluid pressure to generate mechanical movements or to transfer force from one part of a machine to another.

Please note: you cannot stack blocks with a rotator clamp. Additionally, a rotator clamp has a maximum lifting capacity of 3,000 kilograms.

Concrete block turner

Our BT2500 2.0 concrete block turner is specially developed to rotate concrete blocks without damaging them. The blocks are always poured on their side. With the help of the turner, you can easily rotate them into the correct position. Using the remote control, the turner tilts the block ninety degrees.

In this video, you can see how the concrete block turner works:

If you order our concrete block turner, you will also receive a remote control and user manual.

Why purchase handling equipment from Betonblock®?

✔ All products in stock as standard;
✔ Best price-quality ratio;
✔ Worldwide delivery;
✔ Market leader in steel concrete molds;
✔ Reliable partner;
✔ Over 15 years of experience.

Betonblock®: extensive range

Looking for a unique, extensive range with the best price-quality ratio on the market? Then Betonblock® is the place to be! No matter where in the world your concrete plant is located - from Europe to the United States - you can order your concrete molds, handling equipment, and related products from us and have them delivered to your location. Our products have a long lifespan and are dimensionally stable. The concrete molds in our range last up to ten years, even with intensive daily use.

Order custom products from Betonblock®

If you are interested in handling equipment, concrete molds, or other products in colors, shapes, and sizes that you do not find in our range, you can contact us. There are endless possibilities for custom-made products.
Do you have specific requirements regarding your concrete block molds or handling equipment? Then send all your questions, ideas, and/or designs to We are happy to provide you with expert custom advice.

More information about handling equipment

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